As businesses have been responding to the forces of globalization, demographic change, developments in technology, innovation and regulation, the share of the workforce that is contracted on a contingent basis, has grown significantly. Today, we are speaking to more and more business leaders who recognize that there is a lack of oversight in this area, and a lack of control over their increasingly dispersed and fragmented teams who are working flexibly across the organization.

Many businesses have not yet cracked a workforce planning model that reaches out across the business functions: finance, HR, operations, supply chain, procurement, managed services, to ensure there is "real-time" oversight of the entire pool of people.

This is critical if businesses are to deploy their talent pools in the right places; maximize operating efficiencies; and optimize business agility to respond to disruptive threats and growth opportunities.

Recognizing that businesses need a new set of solutions to help them manage this changing landscape, EY is conducting a global survey to chart the current state of play; understand how the varied business functions are sharing data and managing risks; and anticipating future developments and trends.

Research design

The EY Global Contingent Workforce Study survey instrument was developed by EY’s People Advisory Services subject matter professionals in collaboration with our in-house research division, EY Sweeney.

In developing the survey instrument, we sought to unearth new and valuable insights not available through any other existing research.

The topics covered are arranged in six core themes that focus on the contingent workforce:

Current state
Future state


An internet survey amongst workers who are in a supervisor role or above in a company with >US$100m turnover and >1,000 employees.

202 respondents were sourced from a panel provider, and 12 respondents were sourced from EY's contact database.

The surveys were completed between April 20 and June 27 2016.

The surveys took approximately 8 minutes to complete.

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